About me:


  • Photographer
  • Daughter, sister, auntie
  • Energizer
  • Reader
  • Occasional blogger
  • Baker for fun
  • Cancer survivor

Desires to make the most of life. Passionate about creativity. Loves when friends gather together. Inspired and encouraged by her artist community. Hopeful for the future.


My style:

Though I don’t mind the posed photo where magically everyone is looking at the camera with a posed smile, my mind and heart are tied to the more personal memories that we experience with our loved ones. Capturing the candid moments during a shoot seem to bring out the most emotion and real life quality to an image, which fills my heart and hopefully yours. Some people describe it as documentary style, and that is where I aim to be with your images. If you want the posed shots, older children and adults are better at making this happen, but I cannot guarantee all over success, especially with smaller children and large families. I will capture the loving glances, the laughs at an inside joke, hands being held, a child happily in action, or a loving look at one another. I desire to help you create sincere, honest photographs that pull at your heartstrings. Those are priceless.

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