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Peter, Heather, Adela & Cora

Back in November (yes, I’m very behind on blog posting!), I had the privilege of going to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls to capture some sweet family moments (see what I did there) with Peter and Heather. The kids loved being in the middle of all those flowers, listening to some music from a not-too-shabby one man band, and watching people on the hay rides. This farm is a great place to take the family for typical autumn festivities, but go the weekend after Halloween if you prefer avoiding the masses.



The Williams 2013

What another great photo session with the Williams. A year later proves that kids grow so quickly, and these girls are so much fun. They are much more active since the little ones are walking now, but we were still able to capture some of the fun and beautiful faces these girls can make. The adults were also good at smiling as well when it was their turn.:)


Todd, Jess, and the kiddos

During this photo shoot with my friends, we were able to find a great spot in walking distance from their home. The sun gave us some beautiful golden light and the kids gave us their best smiles. Love them!



Ben & Michelle

Ben and Michelle are such a joy-filled couple. I loved their smiles and hearing their laughs during the wedding preparations and the wedding itself. Their joy is definitely contagious. Congratulations, you two!


Joe, Lynnae, and Caleb

I have been so busy lately working in several different areas, which has delayed postings, but allow me to introduce you to this wonderful family whose photo shoot was way back in August. (I told you I was way behind!)

Catching the beautiful morning sunlight, we walked around Mueller Park, so Caleb could run around and hopefully stop long enough for a picture or two. You know how kids love to sit still for pictures, but there is always a way to get their attention. We quickly learned how to persuade Caleb by using some reverse psychology, which allowed for some great smiles from this guy, and his parents too!